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Developing a Process-based Management System for ISO 9001

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Developing a Process-based Quality Management System for ISO 9001

Two Day Training Course  



ISO 9000 defines a quality process as a ‘set of interrelated or interfacing activities, which transform inputs into outputs.


The purpose of the process approach is to enhance an organisation’s effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its defined objectives. In relation to ISO 9001:2008 this means enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements.


This course aims to provide an understanding of the concepts, intent and the application of the “process approach” to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard. 

Learning Outcomes


On successful completion of this training course, delegates should be able to:


  • Identify their key business processes
  • Differentiate between policies, processes and procedures
  • Map processes & activities cross-functionally
  • Learn process mapping techniques
  • Measure process & system performance
  • Choose the right measures (key performance indicators) to measure the effectiveness & efficiency of their processes. 

Who Should Attend


  • Quality managers & engineers
  • Business improvement managers
  • Internal and supplier/vendor auditors
  • Those who manage quality management systems 

Course Programme


  • The 8 Principles of Quality Management
  • How to identify your key business processes
  • The system/process/procedure relationship
  • Defining your system & processes
  • How to map processes & activities cross-functionally
  • Process mapping techniques
  • Measuring process and system performance
  • Choosing the right measures (key performance indicators) to measure the effectives & efficiency of processes. 

Course Tutor



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Course Times

9.00am - 5.00pm

In-House Courses

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Course Manual

Delegates will receive a very comprehensive course manual.

This course is available exclusively on an In-House basis.

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